Renaissance Accounting (before 1600 AD)?

This is Help4LiPs` leaflet produced for the Civil Justice Council forum on Access to Justice for Litigants in Person on 4th December 2015.

Justice is moving into the 21st century very rapidly.


When is the accounting profession going to do something similar, and move away from the renaissance concept of double-entry bookkeeping?

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One Response to Renaissance Accounting (before 1600 AD)?

  1. Homeowners with no mortgage usually do not understand how a simple fraudulent application to The Land Registry (England & Wales) can transfer a home to a fraudster currently in 15 working days.

    The odds are highly loaded towards the fraudsters especially when they use a litigation solicitor to do the property transfer when the owner is away for three weeks.

    Police treat this crime of theft as a civil matter and expect solicitors to fight for the justice

    Once the owner is the victim of a fraud application the cost of defending their home against the fraud cannot be financed by the security of having a property as the property value drops to zero when it is disputed.

    Litigants in person need good support from different helpful directions to fight against fraudulent applications made through Land Registry.



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